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Do you spend too much time managing your prices and inventory? You can spend less using our automated pricing strategies.

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Define price segmentation rules that trigger at certain stock levels. Schedule automated pricing campaigns to be run during special events.

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What is price segmentation ? Price segmentation is simply charging different prices to different people for the same or similar product or service. priceOps uses inventory levels to achieve this, by updating the price based on your inventory quantity rules.

Are prices updated in real-time ? Yes, priceOps reacts in real time to inventory level changes. The average price update takes about 5 to 10 seconds to complete.

How are the price updates calculated ? When the campaign starts running, each of the selected product prices are stored as base prices. These base prices will be used as a reference to compute increased or decreased prices. When the campaign stops, the base price is restored.

What happens if I manually edit the price of a product while a campaign is running on that product ? priceOps will override your manual price at the next oportunity - when that product's inventory is changed. We do not recommend manually adjusting prices for products that are targeted by a running campaign.

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